About Us

Our Philosophy

At DIS, high quality professional services are more than a requirement; they are the foundation of our business. Just like our customers, we expect to be the best in our industry and we’re willing to prove it to each client! 

Our Commitment to Excellence

DIS realizes that our customer’s are focused on their primary goal of becoming profitable. Our goal is to aid your company in this endeavor. Whether it is through document management processing or sourcing for the exact incentive products you need, we’ve got you covered. Our ability to generate unique, flexible services and well-defined buying criteria allows us to quickly pivot entire marketing campaigns to take advantage of fast-moving conditions or shifting priorities from client ownership.

Our Background

Since its’ inception in 1995 DIS has been an industry leader in customer retention and service. What began as a venture into local document reproduction has evolved into an international incentive and marketing staple. With over 20+ years of experience under our belts, we offer insight that is unparalleled, a product portfolio that is unrivaled and success that is undeniable. DIS strives to offer all three “legs of the stool”- peerless quality, met deadlines, and attractive pricing-with a truly impressive record of real-time client communications. From our perspective each client is a viable part of our continuity as a business. Whether you are purchasing a single item or placing a bulk order our accommodation remains consistent.

Our Certifications

Being a WBE firm carries a lot of prestige and ability to maintain multiple tasks. Number of awards (speaks for the level of competiveness), Dollars received (which speaks to issue of capacity) and positive feedback (which speaks to the issue of competence).

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